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     Everything begins in 1989y. with establishment of general partnership "Viva-M", with place of activity small house in the center of city Pleven. "Viva-M" has many activities in food procesing and mechanical engineering.
     In 1991y. the team fot the company creates machine for cutting shoulder pads from polyurhetane foam for classic model of the shoulder.
     In 1993y. in Bulgaria the consumption of shoudler pads increace and the company moves in new building, as extend its activity with production of steam and fusing presses. Gradually the company increace tis capacity and continue to develop new models of shoulder pads.

     In May 1998y. "Viva-M" was closed. "Vatex" Ltd is established, with owner Krasimir Tonev. The new company begins its activity as family company with production of shoulder pads, sleeve head rolls and iron equipment.

Since 2000y. "Vatex" is official local representative, for central north Bulgaria, of the companies:

- „I.N.A. Trading” Ltd., Sofia - all kinds of equipment, materials, spare parts, attachments and services for apparel industry.
- „Arbanassi” PLC, Veliko Tarnovo - producer of non-woven textile.

     In 2002y. "Vatex" extend its activity with cutting of bias or straight textile bands.
     In 2006y. the company starts new project of building own production and office edifice, with srote and big warehouse. The total unfold buld area is over 3000 square meters. The a building site is on main road from Sofia, rigth in front of "Yana" factory.
     2009y. The main construction work of the new building is done and the finish works slowly move up. "Vatex" Ltd is still placed in ex restaurant of hotel "Storgozia"

     Today the company have 35 workers and personal. They develop ofer 3500 models of shoulder pads and ofe 150 models of sleeve head rolls. The production can cover over 1.8 milion pairs per year. The development of new models is in accordance with client requierment. Our shoulder pads are also well known on abroad markets - EU, USA, Turkey, Russia and etc. With the products of our partners we also can offer produced by us submaterials and accesories for apparel industry.

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