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     The politics of "Vatex" Ltd. is related with making quality services and products on good price and deliver it fast to the clients.

     As proof of our professionalism and high reputation that we have among our clients we guarantee:
  •  Our products and services are based on modern technologies.
  •  Fully informated clients with term and prices of our production and services
  •  Systematic control for effectiveness of our products and services, and their ability to satisfy client needs and expectations
  •  Zero tolerate of conflicts of interest
  •  Unity of the leaders and work personal in the company
  •  On time finding and remove mistakes and errors, and frequently make preventive and corecting activities;
  •  Internal check and control on higest level;
  •  High professionalism and approved moral properties of the personnel;
  •  Systematic personnel education and opportunity to grow up;
  •  High respect to the clients requirements;
  •  Constantly quality improvement of the products and services;
  •  The quality of our products is frequently verified;

     Principles of ensure the quality:

  •  The protection of the clients information and etics of serve in "Vatex" Ltd. are strictly keeped. Any kind of information and data for our clients are treat as confidential information and its keeped from third persons without expressly agreement from the client;
  •  We realise the meanens of protecting clients information and strictly keep it.
  •  We stimulate our workers to show their potencial.
  •  We do not make compromise with quality to reach economical profit.
  •  Managment of resources and production are united in one proces to reach the quality;
  •  We, "Vatex" Ltd., declare that we keep high quality quiality of our products and services in accordance with BDS EN ISO 9001:2008 and "Oeko-Tex Standard 100" as well;

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